“Every child has the right to learn the most essential of all sciences, the science of soul and Krishna.”

Kurmagram offers Vedic education as envisioned by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada, a thorough Krishna Conscious academic program with enthusiastic teachers paying individual attention.

The objective of Gurukula is to develop young boys into civilized human beings. Here, full opportunity is given to the students to imbibe in their hearts an intrinsic devotion to Lord Krishna based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita’ As It Is’.

Modern civilization has advanced considerably in the field of mass education, but the result is that people are more unhappy than ever before because of the stress placed on material advance­ment to the exclusion of the most important part of life, the spiritual aspect… Those who play the role of helping this sort of civilization in the name of educational advancement are actually doing more harm than those who are on the platform of gross sense gratification.

The aim of real educa­tion should be self-realization, realization of the spiritual values of the soul. Any education which does not lead to such realization must be considered avidyä, or nescience.

Key Points:

  • Education based on Vedic Scriptures
  • Self Control and Discipline
  • Charecter, Behaviour and Knowledge
  • Mantra Meditation, Bhajans & Kirtans
  • Fully Residential
  • Activity based learning
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Personal Health Care & Safety
  • Ethnic Dress Code
  • Dedicated Faculty
  • Vocational Training


Gurukula Schedule

Our Gurukula further extended to Varnashrama College. For more details please contact us on the below specified numbers and also can check the Gurukula image Gallery.

3:20 AMWaking up
4:00 AMChanting at Temple Hall
4:30 AMMangala Aarati
5:10 AMChanting at Temple Hall
6:15 AMSnacks Prasadam
6:30 AMDarshan Aarati & Guru Pooja
7:00 AMSloka Class
8:00 AMServices
8:30 AMBreakfast Prasadam
9:15 AMAcademic Classes
12:15 PMCloth Washing, Bathing, Mini Services
1:15 PM Lunch Prasadam
2:00 PM Tamil, Homework Classes
2:45 PM Sloka Class
3:30 PM Pot Washing
4:15 PM Playing Time
5:15 PM Dinner Prasadam
5:45 PM Bhajans
6:20 PM Tulasi Pooja
6:30 PM Sandhya Aarati
7:00 PM Bed time

Gurukula Image Gallery

The guru-kula system Çréla Prabhupäda envisioned is distinct from mundane ways of education and even from many so-called guru-kulas still existing in India today. The aim of guru-kula education as taught by Çréla Prabhupäda is to free the student from the cycle of birth and death and make him a devotee of Kåñëa.

brahmacäré guru-kule
vasan dänto guror hitam
äcaran däsavan néco
gurau sudåòha-sauhådaù

“A student should practice completely controlling his senses. He should be submissive and should have an attitude of firm friendship for the spiritual master. With a great vow, the brahmacäré should live at the guru-kula, only for the benefit of the guru.” (SB. 7.12.1)


A Gurukula

Student's education

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