About us

Reviving Indian
Vedic Culture

Smart Cities, Smart people and smart villages

Kurmagram  is a Vedic village and a centre for spiritual excellence – We need to cultivate the human spirit in society to generate first-class intelligent men to guide the society.

A perfect Solution for the imperfect world.

India is destined to lead the world by its spiritual strength, a blend of traditional wisdom and modern practicality. Our religion, philosophy, social and historical background are the compelling insights for the future of India and the world.

The real heritage of India is a very vast, comprehensive tradition that offers a zestful, meaningful and intellectually satisfying way to know oneself and thereby experience the highest happiness and truth.

Human triumph and material wealth are impermanent. We should give ourselves a noble reason to live, a lofty ideal to aim for and a higher state to reach, possible to the human beings only.



  • Youth Empowerment

Youth programmes for school and college students – Personality and Character development, infuse Leadership qualities, build self-confidence and inculcate a deep respect for our great culture through seminars, group discussions, presentations, inviting guest speakers, cultural events, teachings from ancient wisdom literatures and tours to places of culture and heritage.

  • Traditional Vedic Gurukulam

Training young boys not only in academics but also in self-discipline, high moral values and the traditional Indian culture. This training is inculcated through conducting regular classes, teachings from ancient wisdom literatures, cultural events such as drama, arts and traditional music.

  • Public Educational Program

Educating the members of the general public regarding the value of following our great Indian culture in order to lead peaceful and happy lives and establish better societies. We conduct weekly programs in the communities throughout the city. Also we conduct large cultural events and festivals where thousands of people participate joyfully.

    • Natural Farming
    • Cow Protection

irrespective of religion, caste, creed or social economic status.